Can I use a hard wallet address for my Bitcoin mining revenue?

We don't recommend this because receiving many small transactions is potentially troublesome. 

Hardware wallets have limited RAM and capacity. While unlikely, this could cause issues when it comes to spending your revenue. Receiving a large number of small payments, or dust payments, on an address controlled by your hardware wallet causes:

  • the saturation of the synchronization of your blockchain transactions; and
  • a long duration of transaction construction or validation

So, hardware wallets are not ideal. 

Best practice:

Send your mining payouts to an exchange. After a few months of accumulation, either send on to your hardware wallet in a single transaction, or convert a percentage to fiat. 

If you want to use a hard wallet, then consider setting up a higher threshold on your F2Pool account. 0.01 BTC or 0.05 BTC, for example.