Eco mode is granted by Manufacturers' firmwares, allowing us in some cases to operate the miners in a more efficient mode. Not all miners have a profitable, nor working Eco mode firmware upgrade. Within the same factory Series family, we even discovered a few models were in-operable with Eco mode.

While operated in Eco mode, the total hash rate is lowered for your miner, but its efficiency is boosted, as the miner consumption is optimized. As a consequence, the miner may turn profitable again.

How does Eco mode work?

If your miner model is compatible, and if it's deployed already (check on the list below), then you will see an Eco mode icon on top of your miner.

Then in the Operating mode drop list (yes, that's new!), as displayed in this example, you will have 3 options:

Full mode: this is the normal mode for the miner. Full mode uses full power, maximum TH/s, nominal Efficiency.

Eco mode: the miner is working in its Eco mode.

Offline: the miner is turned off, it doesn't operate.

What happens when I change the Operating mode to Eco mode?

Changing the Operating mode is similar to switching the miner Offline/Online. 

Operating modes can be changed anytime, the miner status will change within a few minutes, and the miner information will get recalculated. 

The miner's status will turn Online again (for Full or Eco modes) or Offline if you decide to switch it off. After you swap from Full to Eco mode (or back from Eco to Full mode), the miner will resume mining at midnight.

Please be careful: when switching modes, the current daily production is cancelled, thereby not charged.

The miner status is Online at the end of the switching process (from Full to Eco mode, or from Eco to Full mode). All informations fields are conveniently adjusted to the new mode: Hash Rate, Power, Hosting and Profit.

The miner will technically resume mining at midnight (UTC) after syncing at the mining pool.