Which coins can I mine? What about GPU mining?

​​We only mine Bitcoin.

We use ASICs SHA256 mining machines, no GPUs.

Our machines can be extended to merge mining for 3 other coins:

Elastos (ELA) https://www.elastos.org (1 BTC = 1 ELA)

Namecoin (NMC) https://www.namecoin.org (1 BTC = 1 NMC)

Hathor Network (HTR) https://hathor.network (1 BTC = 120 HTR)

The payouts are tiny, so you may decide it's not worth the time of setting up 4 more wallets. 

Still, it's a no-cost extra that could amount to something in the future and does not affect your BTC mining hash rate.

Thresholds for payouts are:


0.1 NMC

0.01 VCASH

0.1 ELA