How can I buy a mining contract? Which payment methods do you accept? Can I use Bitcoin and stablecoins?

To buy a mining contract you need to "top-up" the balance of your account. Make sure you add enough to pay for the contract miner and also a few days of electricity to keep it running. 

You can use:

Fiat currency via SEPA or SWIFT bank transfer (0% fee),

BTC currency through our partner BTCPay (0% fee), so you can pay using Bitcoin (no stablecoins).

Credit card with our Russian Bank (2,5% fee).

Click Top Up and pick the method that works for you. Depending on your choice, it can take a few hours or a couple of days. For example, bitcoin is quick, but in Europe, bank-to-bank transfers can take two days to clear. When the top-up is complete, the miner will be bought and start mining at midnight UTC.

The Marketplace is different. To buy a mining contract from another customer, your balance needs to already have enough to cover the purchase.