We list all available and preorder mining contracts, prices, hosting costs and earnings estimations on my.cyberianmine.de. 

To get access to the Store you need to sign up and fill in the profile, including your BTC wallet address. 

Here is the free registration link: https://my.cyberianmine.de/users/sign_up

After you register, you get access to the Store, where you have three options: 

1- You can buy a new mining contract that will start mining for you the next day.

2- You can buy a pre-installed contract from an existing customer via the marketplace.

3- Or you can pre-order one of the latest models for delivery. We guarantee the delivery date, so if there is a delay, we commit to providing the nominal hash rate in the meantime.

Once you decide to start mining with us, you need to top up your account with euros. You use this money to buy a mining contract and to pay your daily hosting fees. Later, you can pay these hosting fees either with bitcoin or fiat. We send a reminder if your balance is dropping low.