Once we have integrated your miner/s into the fleet, the only cost is for electricity.

Electricity price : since 19.01.2023, 0.069 €/kWh applies for all miners on the platform. Price may get reviewed on a 15 days basis.

We cover all your repairs at our expense. There are no extra running costs or hidden maintenance costs. The price depends on the electricity requirements of your mining contract. 

We calculate your hosting costs daily. So you only pay for the exact % of the hash rate you receive. When you check your balance history, you see a record of the amount deducted each day. We deduct these costs from your balance in Euros, so it is important to keep your balance topped up. You can do this with SEPA, BTCPay, or credit card. 

As long as you'll pay your hosting costs, you can mine with us for an undetermined period. There is no contract period and no limitation.