Alas there are too many varibles to give you any time lines. The wear of a mattress will ulitmatley depend on the weight of the user, type of use and how much use.

lets be honest, some people spend only 6 hours a night in bed, some spend 12 hours. So this alone will affect expectation the life span of a mattress. In reality mattresses rarely wear out, they loose comfort as the fillings start to wear over use.

Our mattresses are medium grade, our popular Belmont single mattress is only £99.95, you could easily spend over £300 on a mattress. So, in other words you could replace our Belmont mattress three times before you become out of pocket. Mattresses are designed to be replaced at least every five to eight years for hygenic reasons, so why buy a mattress that lasts 10 years !!.

So, under normal use for our Belmont you could expect anywhere between 2 to 5 years.

Remember, you get what you pay for. So, our 15cm mattress is sold as an entry level, light use mattress. Dont expect too much if you select that, always buy the mattress to your highest budget - you will not regeret that policy.

Finally, there are thousands of mattress suppliers with thousands of ranges. Most only have a fabric or design difference. We like to KISS people, keep it simple stupid. So, we offer four basic mattress types that will cover all, as advised go to the mattress that your budget allows.